Welcome to The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska Institute. We are dedicated to providing quality treatment, research, training, and education in the field of trauma and attachment.


The Attachment Trauma Center Institute is committed to providing quality training for clinicians interested in the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol (IATP) for healing attachment trauma in children.  We believe that observation of the therapy with children and families is vital for clinicians wishing to successfully implement the approach.  To that effect, this secure therapy video observation website is available for practitioners who have completed the EMDR component of the IATP training who are also involved in monthly group phone consultations. The phone consultations are limited to 4 participants per group.

(Note: Only clinicians involved in consultations will be granted access to view therapy videos.)

EMDR clinicians may work towards EMDR certification through the group and individual consultations, as well as towards certification in the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol.  Through a total of 12 IATP consultations (up to 6 of the consultations may be in group), certified EMDR clinicians may also become certified in the IATP model.  See www.atcinstitute.com for the group consultation schedule.

Thank you!

The Team at the Attachment Trauma Center Institute.


Monthly video consultation/group phone consultation: $65

Monthly video consultation/group phone consultation/individual consultation PACKAGE: $155

(Directions: Go to Purchase or Renew Membership.  Follow instructions to pay and create user name and password.  To view videos, "Log in"with your user name and password and also check the "Remember Me" box.  Then click on "Watch Videos."  If it doesn't work, try a second time.  Usually the second time is the charm.)